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Become an industry expert in your field. Land your dream clients and gain the reputation you deserve…Become a Twitter rockstar…Learn how to effectively utilize your Twitter account to take your profession to the next level

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Leveraging TWITTER will give you all of the tools you need to grow your reputation, update your online presence, attract top-level paying clients and bring in those leads. You’ll learn how to build your personal brand, showcase your skills, and gain the confidence to go after everything you want.

Find Your Ideal Clients. 

Search a worldwide live audiance filled with awesome people waiting to hear from you. Connect the right way.

Make Connections. 

Make the right connections with the right people at the right time for you.

Generate Leads.

Convert those connections into meaningful leads and generate the right connections that count.

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“I have been a member of Gwen’s Twitter Academy for several months.  I knew nothing about Twitter and step by step Gwen is taking me through everything I need to know.  She’s always there to answer my questions and really is a Twitter expert.  Even more importantly, she is a lovely human being who genuinely wants you to succeed.  I’ve done a number of training courses over the last few years and Gwen’s is the one I would recommend time and time again.  The best investment I made in my business ever.”

Sarah Brazenor

"The first two things that struck me about Gwen was her warmth and her humour. In my opinion two attributes that go towards being an excellent teacher!

Not brand new to Twitter, but having a lot to learn, I was very interested in joining Gwen’s Tweet Like A Pro Academy.

Gwen had the simplest way of explaining the answers to each question and there was never any such thing as a silly question!

Gwen’s knowledge of Twitter is vast and she shared all she knew with great generosity! 

The lessons ranged from creating a cover-flow and bio to how to get the best out of Twitter chats, hashtags and lists!

Not only have I learned so much more than I expected to, but my following has doubled and sales have increased!

I thoroughly recommend any of Gwen’s courses.  Gwen is lovely and I’ve made a friend for life!"

Wendy Elizabeth White



A Bit About Me...  

I'm Gwen and I am here to show you just how powerful Twitter can be for your business growth and marketing. My passion for this amazing social media platform was born out of a situation I had no control over. A happy coincidence! Nine years on and I am still in love with all that Twitter has to offer me as a business and all that I know it can do for YOU! Let me give you all my knowledge and experience and let's get you that reputation you deserve!

Gwen Baird

I Knew What I Wanted...

Way back then…
When I decided I was going to create my ‘Tweet Like A Pro Twitter Academy’ I always had a vision in my mind as to how I wanted it to feel.
I knew how I wanted it to sit with me!
I knew and could feel the tone I wanted it to take.
I knew how I wanted the clients to feel once they were on the inside.
I had a vision of how the package would be laid out too.
The price was also high on the agenda. (Boy, have I had some stick for being too cheap and giving so much away!) For now, I am happy with it!
I wanted my Academy to be one of learning for those action takers who really want to grow and make a difference in their business.
I wanted RESULTS!
I needed to make sure that anybody coming into the Academy understood what power they had at their fingertips, literally!
I did not want this to be just another cookie-cutter course, one does all, do as I say or walk away scenario types.

What my Twitter Academy is NOT...

It is not a monthly membership.

It is not a time-restricted course that you get kicked out of in 12 weeks or so.

It is not a one process fits all (I understand that each and every one of us is unique and so is our journey).

It is not a sign up to the course and then you will never see me again as I head off into the sunset for a sun-drenched holiday on my 100K launch earnings.

You won’t be bombarded with emails, trust me on that one!

What you will get in the Tweet Like A Pro Twitter Academy is:

Lifetime access to my Twitter training that will evolve as and when the platform does.

You have weekly access to me in the form of a LIVE Q&A session held within the private Facebook group.

You get access to LIVE monthly zoom coaching calls that are recorded and held in the training area for future use.

You can dip in and out of the training and support group to suit your schedule and needs.

There is ongoing support and you never have to worry about missing out as there is always that replay option for you.

We go really deep within Twitter so if you are a complete beginner or an old hand on the platform you can develop and grow with ease and full support.

You will get clarity and focus on how to manage your social media without the overwhelm.

You will get social working for YOU!

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  • Lifetime Access.
  • No time limit on getting the work done.
  • Updates as and when they happen.
  • Weekly live Q & A calls within a private Facebook Group
  • Monthly live coaching calls uploaded to the training area.
  • 2 x SOS calls to use as and when needed.
  • Make yourself the industry expert within your niche.


£1200 one of payment.


4 x £300 instalments.

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There is no better time to get yourself known as the 'go to' in your field. Twitter is an amazing platform to get you noticed and allows you to connect with an audience that you simply cannot reach on other platforms. Let me show you how to build your reputation and grow your business at the same time! Time for you to start and 'Tweet Like A Pro".